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Chase Fowler - Editor and Creator

Chase Fowler is a convert to the Roman Catholic Church from a High-Church Anglican Tradition. Converting on June 19, 2011 (Feast of the Most Holy Trinity that year), Chase has work tirelessly with college students his own age to see the difference traditional liturgy can have on the Church in the 21st century. A Tridentine Mass and Anglican Use proponent (though in no objection to the Novus Ordo), Chase hopes that an emphasis on traditional liturgical practices will help positively change the Church and it's prayer. Chase firmly believes that the way a church carries out liturgical practices is how the church believes and teaches and also how the everyday Catholic will interpret the faith of the Church.

"Poor catechism starts with poor liturgy. When we begin to care less about good liturgy, we begin to overall care less about the formation of people in the faith of the Church. Good liturgy is vital to the everyday Catholic, for without it, you have allowed the person to not only not know what the Church teaches, but who the Church truly loves: Christ."

Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us.
Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for us.
St. Padre Pio, pray for us.

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