Friday, January 18, 2013

Latin Novus Ordo Mass - Our Lady of the Atonement Anglican Use RCC - San Antonio, TX

I have been in an absolute "funk" for the past two weeks. I've been promising you guys that I'd have a post up and never continued by posts. SO...instead of me posting, I've decided to post a series of videos in this post of Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church (Anglican Use) in San Antonio, Texas celebrating the Mass of Paul VI in as close to conformity to the Sacred Tradition of the Tridentine Mass as possible! I personally know Father Christopher Phillips (celebrant) and am truly blessed to have found these videos on YouTube of all places!

So...enjoy! If you have any specific questions about the videos, please email me! I don't know how many people I'm actually reaching. To all my readers, I am sorry for not keeping my promise of posting in the allotted times I gave myself. After this post, I will no longer be doing blog "series" and only one post topics! Suggestions would be LOVELY!








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