Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Maniples Matter! on Twitter!!!/Email Suggestions!


As I am typing my blog post titled "Conversi ad Dominum - Turning Towards the Lord - Ad Orientem", I am referring your attention to the fact that "Maniples Matter!" is NOW on Twitter! If you look on the left hand side, you will see the Twitter account name (@ManiplesMatter)! I will be posting there as well as on the blog comments, links, and such as I see fit. All blog posts will be linked throw Twitter, so if you are a Twitter fan, you will know when a post has happened AND there will be a link there waiting for you to click on!

Also, I truly am serious when I am asking you guys to send me topics for conversations! I want you, as my readers, to take pictures of either bad examples of liturgical abuse (you can use your iPhone and say you're reading the lessons for mass...), or any examples of great liturgy and send them to this email address:

Also, I'd like to know what you are thinking, how you are enjoying or not enjoying the blog, opinions, suggestions, etc. I am honestly trying to get my foot into the mammoth world of the Catholic blogosphere and wish to be involved equally as all the famous blogs that I can currently think of. My blog is for you the reader! I'll continue to write about topics on my own terms, but unless I get feedback from you, I honestly have no idea if I'm truly reaching anyone! As a person with an opinion wishing to share it, that's obviously the point of this blog!

Follow me on Twitter, share my blog, email me suggestions/comments/pictures/stories, etc., and let me know what you think!

In Christ,

Chase +

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