Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To my readers...

To my avid readers (which consists of my priest, a few friends, and you all whom I don't know)

I will be back in the swing of things coming this Sunday, January 13th. I'm am currently on a vacation enjoying the mountains, skiing, and truly relaxing! Since I have wireless internet, I could continue the blog posting, however, I've decided to allow myself to be away from the computer! Today's modern society is too involved in technology! I'm a traditionalist, remember... ;D

So, while I'm away enjoying my vacation, I'll leave you with this picture to dwell upon! I promise I will be back on January 13th with a continuation of the Novus Ordo Liturgical Compatibility with the Offertory!

St. Pio of Pietrelcina receiving Our Lord in the Most Holy Eucharist devoutly and lovingly, humbling himself before Almighty God, and opening his mouth as if he were a child in need of his Savior!

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