Friday, January 4, 2013

Women's Ordination....*bashing head against wall*

Before I post my series of articles on how to make the Novus Ordo and the Tridentine Mass more liturgically compatible, I must make a comment on this video "Ordain a Lady" by the liberal, excommunicated, progressive, hippy possessed group called "Ordain Women". My fingers would literally begin to fall off if I decided to write an article on women's ordination. If a person truly is a proponent for women's ordination, honestly, just go to the Episcopal Church. They're in need of people (they have less than 2 million total), in need of funds (they keep suing people) and would love to be the Church that changes all their doctrines to fit your liberal agenda. I would give you my blessing if I didn't fear for my immortal soul. (Note: To all of my Anglo-Catholic readers out there, my deepest apologies to you and your faithful congregations for having to be a part of a church that allows such a thing. May God bless you and keep you!)

Instead of me arguing the point that women's ordination is not only a heresy but contradicts Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, I'm posting a link to a credible source that has all the scripture references to Holy Orders.

And now, for your laughable entertainment, to the tune of Carly Ray Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe", here's the heretical You-Tube video. Please post your comments against this You-Tube video on You-Tube. If you need to create an account to do so, please do!

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