Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pope Francis' First Papal Mass - A Man of True Humbleness

For those who watched Pope Francis' first papal mass, you witnessed a man who was truly humbled by everything that has happened in the last two days. Sure, I could talk about my dislike of the revival of the free standing altar back into the Sistine Chapel and many other liturgical things that would typically throw me off. I, however, was deeply moved by the true zeal and passion of Pope Francis as he was giving his sermon and his love of the Eucharist. If you have the chance, I'm sure you can find his first sermon on YouTube. I was moved by a man who was given a task he originally did want (conclave 2005) but was elected to by the College of Cardinals. His soft spoken voice is not a sign of weakness but a sign of humility. Yes, I know he only has one lung. He is not Benedict XVI. He is not Blessed John Paul II. He is Pope Francis, a man of whom we all must get acquainted to and a man of whom the Holy Spirit has made our new Supreme Pontiff. I pray that he will adopt the liturgical tradition of Benedict XVI and keep his zeal for the Catholic faith in his preaching! Sure - the sermon was in Italian and not Latin. The mass was in Latin. Sure, the vestments weren't what I would call "traditional". Sure, the mass was celebrated versus populum in the Sistine Chapel and not ad orientem like Benedict XVI would have done so. All of this set aside, we have here a man who is humble, gentle, traditional, and on fire for Christ's Bride, Holy Mother Church. We have a man who has combated evil itself in Argentina. I ask that all traditionalists out there who began to slander our new Holy Father eat a slice "humble pie" (don't worry - I'll have a slice. I may not have shared my opinions publicly, however, I dare say that I was thinking some of what was being said. I did, however, raise question on Dr. Taylor Marshall's blog Canterbury Tales about the past forms of the now Pope Francis' form of ecumenism) and get back to work in promulgating the New Evangelization and saving our ever more increasingly secularized culture!

Let us pray for our new Supreme Pontiff, Francis.

Pater Noster.
Ave Maria.
Gloria Patri.

Amen. (First homily of Pope Francis)

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